It used to be that planning a trip to Croatia evoked raised eyebrows and later furtive web searches and lessons in European geography. That has all changed. Now it seems like everybody you know has either been, is planning to go, or knows somebody who has visited the former Yugoslav republic. And if there is any place that is nearly synonymous with the country itself, it is Dubrovnik. The incredible medieval walled town that sits perched atop cliffs, surrounded by the clear blue water of the Adriatic sea.

Depending on the time of year you visit, the expectations you arrive with, the people you meet, the weather, the places you eat at, the amount of time you give yourself to get to know the city, and its surrounding environs, Dubrovnik can become many different things. For Game of Throne fans, you’ll find yourself wandering around a town that looks remarkably similar to King’s Landing. That’s because HBO filmed several seasons of its hit television series in and around Dubrovnik. In fact, if you watch the below trailer, you’ll see a dragon flying overhead Fresh* Sheets Kathedral. We were invited to King Joffrey’s wedding. Note to self, never attend GOT weddings!

For Star War fans, filming in Dubrovnik for Episode VIII is slated for March 2016. It may be a long long time until you get to see it on the silver screen but you’ll certainly recognise a slightly altered Dubrovnik in a galaxy not so far away.

For us, it is home. We weren’t born here. Nobody forced us to live here. And after many years of travel, it was our choice to stay here. We hope to help show you ‘our’ Dubrovnik. The monumental, inspirational, and incredibly beautiful walled city by the sea.

Feel free to click the following links for our locally researched and updated travel guides to Dubrovnik. Fresh* Mini-Guides 2013 will provide you with transport and travel information, our favourite restaurants, and a list of the best bars and nightlife in Dubrovnik. For an updated list of events, you can check out the official Dubrovnik Tourist Board website.

We look forward to providing you with an experience you won’t forget….

Safe Journeys!

Jon and Sanja